Thursday, December 23

december: one big update

happy december! i can't believe it's december 23 already! it's just one of those months that always seems to pass by way too quickly. or is that just time in general? (:

life the past 3 weeks has mostly consisted of work and baking and attending events that were the reasons i was doing all the baking. 

next week i hope to *cross my fingers* join sarah markley's journey of 100 joys here on the blog.

and beyond that i have some very good things to look forward to!
  • today was day 1 of 11 days of vacation provided by the school i work for
  • my stud and i leave tomorrow later this morning to head to jersey to spend christmas with my family
  • i come back to work for 2 days and then said stud and i leave for a week to go to florida! (my first real vacation in 3 years!)
  • the day after we get back i start a web design class

i. am. excited!!!

merry christmas! take time to be present with those you love this season.

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