Monday, March 1

superstitious (part 2) - otherwise known as i spoke too soon

so, yeah. we're covered in it. it snowed pretty much for three days straight this past week.

thank you bigmouth.

my last two days heading home from work, i attempted to turn onto a road and found myself slipping and sliding and heading straight for a big pile of snow. i was able to keep with the car and turn the wheel enough that i missed the pile and eventually got myself pointed in the right direction both times. but for those moments, i felt completely out of control.

dealing with snow brings up a second issue for me - control. it is so much harder to feel in control of my vehicle, my direction and my life while driving in snow... basically because i don't have it. this can mean having to drive at a slower pace than i'd like, having to just roll with the path that my car wants to take, and sometimes it means i can't go where i'd like to go.


i want it. over my day. over my life. even over other people. but... i handed it away when i asked God to save me from myself.

it's a daily struggle to relinquish control - even though i'm giving it to the One who is greater than me, holds infinite power and wisdom, and loves me just as i am. can i let Him lead me? will i let Him stop me if it's not the right path to follow? will i wait on Him when He asks? will i give Him control? of my day? of my life?

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