Tuesday, February 23

superstitious (part 1)

this has been a winter unlike any other i've lived through.

i moved to western new york at the end of december. no, i'm not crazy. i promise. no really. i'm just in love. here's a wastebasket.

in the last month and a half i've become accustomed to the perpetual "chance of lake effect snow showers" and the fact that anywhere from 1-2 to 2-4 to 3-5 inches of snow possible means zilch to the natives up here. however... though there's constant snow flurries or showers, it really hasn't accumulated to much.

meanwhile, back in new jersey in the last couple of weeks, there has been snow measurable in feet!

it's pretty obvious where i'm going with this one. the point of this post is to say haha! to all of you who thought i was crazy for leaving new jersey for new york!

i wish.

but not really.

in fact, typing about this subject makes me nervous. i don't like talking about snow and the blessing it's been so far (especially with beginning a new job) to not have had to worry about making it to work in winter weather conditions and trying to determine whether it's safe for (or expected of!) me to drive or not. any time people talk about how odd it's been that south of here has seen so much more snow than we have this winter, i wince inside and try to change the topic as quickly and smoothly as possible. thinking about this fact made me realize something.

i am superstitious.

i am afraid that if i open my mouth to blabber how great it's been to not have to worry about snow and trying to get to work, the skies will open up and six feet of snow will come down in an hour.

um. yeah. i'm sure i hope, even in western new york, that this would close things down and i wouldn't be responsible for anything except curling up in my pajamas with a good book and a warm cup of hot chocolate.

but still, i worry. and in my worry, i try to keep my thoughts and words away from snow.

worry is the antithesis of trust. all of my superstition that is really the result of a big pile of worry points loud and clear towards a lack of trust.

if i truly believe God holds my every moment in His hand, when then should i worry?

now, it could also be pointed out that a little bit of perspective could help me to chill out a bit (get it? chill out? no? ok, moving on...). the day i'd planned on having ahead of me being altered by a bit of snow is just that. a day. one. uno. un. one of many i have lived so far.

but to this i would say the perspective i really need to have is that God knows my days, my hours, my minutes, and He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me. no matter what storm comes through and tries to overtake my life, He is there and He will hold me up against it.

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