Thursday, March 11

the return of the simple things

it's thursday. and before a bunch of crap life happened not too long ago, i used to write about the simple things on thursdays. and i'm inclined to say i was a much more thankful person. but since then, i've gotten into a down in the dumps rut and allowed myself to live life under a dark cloud. the sun has been shining for over a week here, and it's shed some light on the state of my heart.

so i'm determined to say no thanks to the gray clouds and give thanks for all the sun that is in my life right now, starting back at the simple things.

i am way overdue for posting a life update from new york complete with photos and witty commentary. it's coming. i promise. i'll try.

for now, i'm all about this:

a simple love note my stud left for me to find on my car tuesday morning.

a great way to start any day.

(ps why yes that is my new apartment building in the picture!)

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