Monday, August 24


Don’t get me wrong. I love summer. LOVE it! Absolutely LUV it. I would be lost without warm weather, beaches, boating, sports like sand volleyball and ultimate Frisbee that are best done outside, summer dresses, and most importantly, flip flops.

But there just comes a point in the summer months when I start to get a desire to be able to step outside in jeans, a comfy cardigan and cute flats. When something in me begins to long to feel crisp breezes, tainted by the smell of changing leaves. and to hear them crunching beneath my feet.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that seasons come and go. And I know that there have been numerous moments in my life, when it is time for one season to end and another to begin. Often I begin to feel anticipation and a sense of preparedness for the next. By this I mean in my person, mentally and spiritually. Let me just say that I am fully aware and experienced that sometimes things come unexpectedly out of nowhere and we are left trying to turn our heads forward as we stare behind us wondering what the heck just happened. But I have also experienced times where I just felt… ready. Not that I knew exactly what lay ahead, but that I felt something deep within me saying, a new season is coming. The leaves are about to change colors, the temperature is going to shift and my surroundings are about to look quite different. And I feel excited for a new season.

But… the season hasn’t arrived yet. So how do I reconcile this longing for what is to come with my current place of being? Sounds like a small reflection of the entire span of our lives. I know that this world is not my home, that there is time to come where I will be where I was always intended to be. But for this lifetime, I find myself setting my heart and mind on things above, while also clothing myself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Col3:1-2,12).

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