Monday, August 10

the darkness must precede the dawn

growing my hair out has been a process.

at times i've been happy with the way it's looked at certain lengths and the progress that has been made. at other times i've been frustrated with the way it's looked and how slow it was seeming to take to grow out. at times i've wanted to cut it all off and start over. at other times i've celebrated clear points of progress (like the first time i could pull it back in a ponytail!)

one time i realized i had to adjust the time i needed to get ready because the fact that my hair was longer meant it was taking me more time to finish and this was causing me to run late!

other times have brought the need for new hair products, brushes and accessories to tame my wild mane.

process takes time

it requires patience and the willingness to act. there are moments of highs and stretches of lows.

process requires steps

 but in each step there is something to learn. and it takes every step to get through the process. skipping one will leave you unprepared for the next.

take the time and embrace the steps


  1. Major step in the evolution of your hair - can't forget it - was the pink stage! Def. my favorite! :D haha..

    Anyways - good thoughts girl. Not always about the destination, is it?

  2. If I could give you some of my hair I would :)

    My whole Senior Art Thesis was written about "the process" - so full of challenges, yet so worth it.

  3. - you're right jaime! a very significant step that i left out! the rebellion of the process!

    - and i have to say, i don't know whether to accept the hair offer or not, because i don't know whether it's coming from kristen or andy or maybe even chloe! (:


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