Monday, March 23

monday morning (september 15 2008)

after a busy, tiring and AMAZING weekend, i found myself driving to work this morning in an hypnotic-like state. my focus was solely on the car in front of me - in particular on hoping and praying that the lady driving said car would put down her mascara wand and turn her focus on keeping her vehicle in between the yellow and white lines. about 3/4 of the way through my "commute" i broke my daze and looked out my side window to notice, or rather, be blown away by, what i saw. a bold blue expanse interrupted by sharp silver clouds, framing rolling green hills. ok, ok... that may sound a bit cliche but it was gorgeous and it took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. (it's monday morning - i'm allowed to overuse cliches!) i couldn't believe i'd missed this for most of my drive - the beauty and romancing of my heart by my Creator. being focused is a good thing. having focus allows you to make decisions with confidence and ease and live a life of purpose and direction. but how often are we so focused on what lies ahead or where we are going that we miss out on the right here and right now? does our focus sometimes hinder us from simply enjoying life, the moment we're in, the beauty of our surroundings? take some time to look around and see what you may be overlooking. love life and don't be afraid to enjoy it! (end cliche monday!)

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