Thursday, February 23

trash to treasure

yesterday at work our staff association sponsored a trash to treasure event. basically, we could bring in our "trash" and take home anyone else's that we deemed a "treasure."

um, hello, my name is sarah and i'm addicted to thrifting. add in the prospect of scoring some sweet finds for free?! well... you remember old yeller.

arrrr... here's my treasure, matey!

i laughed at myself after i got back because everything i picked up kind of all matched. blues and browns. two of my fav colors (:

a pretty mug ... candlesticks i'll sand and then maybe stain or spray paint ... wooden bangle bracelets

...oh yes, and a glass vase. [i'm convinced you can never have too many.]

and although it's nice to finally be getting some snow this winter, yard sale season can't come soon enough.


  1. Nice! LOVE those wooden bracelets. And you are very right-- yard sale season needs to hurry up and get here! My husband and I check every weekend just to see if there's anything yet-- but alas, nothing :( Hopefully soon!

  2. Oooh, nice finds! I'm taking this trash and treasure idea back to my boss! I think i'd like to do some thrift shopping at work! :)


    PS. I'm hosting my first giveaway today! Hope you'll check it out! :)


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