Tuesday, February 21

is this real life?

thank you all so much for your love and support! it is so amazing to finally be able to say that i'm marrying john! [and know that it will be sometime soon!] our story has been unfolding for a long time and i'm still a little in awe when i think about the guy that i saw playing a guitar on stage 8 years ago becoming the man who will be my husband. God is faithful.

it's been a whirlwind of a week, calling and seeing friends and family to share the good news. i have felt so blessed since our engagement. so many lovely words have been spoken and written to us. we have amazing people in our lives.

this season of engagement will most likely be a short one. we're hoping to get married in august! which, i'm finding, means taking care of a good number of big details pretty soon. it's been a little overwhelming, but we are committed to make this time a meaningful one, not a stressed one. i have a bit of work to do there, seeing as how i'm a type-A, planning, detail-oriented kind of girl. but that's why john is so good for me. he reminds me to take a breath, to enjoy the here and now, and really, to not worry. after all, what it really comes down to is, i'm marrying my best friend.

and that fact right there makes it really hard to keep a smile off my face.


  1. The best advice I was given - the weeding is the start, a big day, but still just a day. It sets the tone for the rest so make it fun and full of love. Focusing on that makes all the rest easy.

    Can't wait to see your planning.

  2. Ah! I just can't wait to see you walking down the isle!!! :)

  3. this makes it hard to keep a smile off my face, too!! and i love that you now have a "marriage" label :)

  4. {still} so excited for you guys!! such a cute photo - you have such pretty eyes! i had a shorter engagement too - got engaged in march, married in september. very doable. although i wished a thousand times that i had just eloped - haa! those little details that will seem so important & stress you out - no one will notice!! happy {stress-free} planning!

  5. Hey there. I'm a new follower! Just wanted to say congrats and enjoy the ride! How exciting! I've been engaged since May and we aren't getting married until September and most days I wish we had picked a shorter engagement, just because I'm so excited to start that chapter in our lives. HAPPY PLANNING!

  6. good call on the short engagement. ours has been a little too long for my taste...although at 8 months i guess it's still considered short- only a month longer than yours- so i shouldn't complain. :) and girl, you've got to start a wedding board on pinterest! it's the BEST place for inspiration. mine has been such a great place to keep all of my ideas!


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