Monday, January 17

new year's resolution

i had grand ideas for my 2011 goals - make a list, sort it into tidy little categories with witty names, blog about my progress throughout the year, seize a bull by its horns... you know... really make this the year that counts.

and yet, before i'd even started, something in me already felt defeated.

it seems so easy to take a breath of fresh air at the beginning of a new year. i allow myself a blank slate. i feel motivated and energized. and why? because a calendar page is turned. why can't i feel this kind of empowering can-do attitude on march 12? or august 26? or any day of the year? 

why must this kind of carpe diem me take over for a few days in january, and then exponentially shrink back to the weighed-down-by-the-little-things-struggling-to-find-joy-in-each-day-daily-grinder me?

there's something in me that longs to be made new. there's something in me that resonates with the opportunity to have a clean slate and start again anew. there's something in me that jumps at the chance the beginning of the new year brings to do that.

we're created in the image of the Creator. and i believe that that means we are created with a desire to do the same - to create, to accomplish, to bring about. by their very definition, things that are created are things that are new.

:: if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here! (2 cor 5:17) ::

that promise holds true every day. each day does count. and each day is a clean slate. december 31 doesn't have to hold any less passion or blessing or accomplishment than january 1. God promises that i am a new creation - each and every day. 

there are still things i'd like to do and become in 2011. but instead of focusing on those things and whether or not i'm meeting my expectations in accomplishing them, i want to draw near to my Creator and ask if He'd make me new, once again, and then show me what He'd have me do with this year.

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