Monday, November 1

the thanksgiving project

it seems as the days start to get shorter, my words are carried away on cold winds. i just don't feel i have much to say these days. as i do a little evaluating of myself, my direction, and in particular, this blog, instead of taking a hiatus, i am going to try something a facebook friend posted about today. it's the beginning of november and thanksgiving is a few short weeks away. with the tendency to jump right over turkey day to christmas, i don't want to miss out on all that this month of thanksgiving can hold. each day i am going to try to write down something i am thankful for. this thankfulness thing has come up in various places over the last few months, and even though i've had steady reminders, i'm just not there yet. i hope, if nothing else, that this month will be one in which i come to understand thankfulness more.

day one: tonight, i am thankful for a warm bed and a good book beside it to read as i drift off to sleep!

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