Wednesday, November 17

test results

day seventeen: i am oh-so-thankful for my dad. he deserves a post of his own, but today, in particular, i am thankful that he is cancer-free. i've been filled with a bit of anxiety the last few weeks, from the night he called me to tell me the doctors wanted him to have a biopsy because a test came back with not-so-hot results to the biopsy last week to the waiting, waiting, waiting for the results. i just heard from my mom that they found out the biopsy was clear, and i'm just overwhelmed with joy and relief. 

i've been challenged to surrender to whatever God's will is, in all circumstances and situations, to whatever will bring Him glory and to trust Him. this has been extremely hard, and God has once again overwhelmed me with His love and mercy.

i'm just so thankful that my dad is ok.

1 comment:

  1. wow, what a relief you must feel. that's such good news!


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