Wednesday, May 12

today is not yesterday

i am not a morning person.

yet i find myself, like millions of others, rising before the sun over half the year and with the sun the other half to make it to work by 8.

beginning each day brings the same tasks - get out of bed, shower, wash my face (or, in my lazy case, wipe a garnier fructis face cloth over it), moisturize, blowdry my hair, get dressed, put makeup on, and straighten my hair.

i have thought many times while hitting snooze or resting my out of shape arm on the counter after holding the blowdryer how much i wish i could just skip it all.

i find it tiring doing these things day in and day out. yet, because i place so much emphasis on the outward appearance, i do it.

but in those moments, when faced with what often seems like the daunting task of facing a new day, it often seems so pointless.

as i thought about that this morning, hope emerged.

'His mercies are new every morning.'

this morning is a brand new start.

each day is an opportunity to start over, to start fresh, to begin again.

so i wasn't having a good hair day yesterday. today i have a new chance to get it to cooperate. if i didn't really like my outfit the day before, i can wear something i like better today or even try to come up with a new one. if eating poptarts for breakfast yesterday made me sluggish an hour later from a sugar crash, i can eat something healthier today. 

God gives us opportunities every day as well. He invites us to put our yesterday behind and start the day fresh with His new mercies and joy. the sorrow that came with the night can be replaced by joy in the morning. the sin that weighed us down can be wiped away by His forgiveness and we can start this day with a clean slate. the weariness with which we walked can be given in exchange for His yoke. the negative labels we gave ourselves yesterday can be replaced by the ones He gives us... daughter, son, friend, beloved. you can have hope today.

today is not yesterday.

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