Tuesday, April 6

it takes time

it takes time to learn the highways, side roads, main roads and back roads of a new place.

it takes time to understand new work responsibilities.

it takes time for new friendships to grow into deep ones.

it takes time for a new living space to feel like home.

it takes time to figure out what life in a new town can look like - according to His will and glory.

it takes time for a new place to become an old, familiar one.

it takes time to be comfortable in one's skin.

be patient. it takes time.


  1. Oh man, all so true. I can definitely relate - especially the "new living space...feel like home" one. The first year in our little town I thought I might die, the next I thought I would probably live, and now being the third year, I think I might even like it.

  2. Well I happen to love all your DIY series on your space! In fact, you should come over and give me ideas to spruce my apartment up! (: I hope your third year and the rest to come feel like home.


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