Friday, April 2

::hold on::

six months ago today my nine day old niece died. it's incredible to think that this much time has already passed. the horrific images in my mind of her lifeless body, the scarring scenes that play in dark and lonely hours of our arrival to the PICU to see them operating on her for the last time before turning to us to tell us it was over, the ease with which tears still flow, uncontrollably with force i didn't know i was capable of.

that day too was a friday. this morning i read a few accounts of jesus' final hours. being in the face of death is life changing. tori mae's death changed two families and many others. jesus' death changed the lives of countless millions.

i dare say, though, that at times it is good to sit and dwell in the mournful state loss brings. that the despair is even necessary to understand life. but only for a time. 

because the story doesn't end there. jesus' story didn't end in death. jesus' story ends in life.

because of tori's death, over 200 people heard the story of Life.

so go today, tell your story. the story of pain, despair, loneliness, sorrow and hurt. then tell the story. the story of love, grace, hope and life.

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