Tuesday, April 10

ten on ten [april edition]

friends, i have a confession. i cheated a little on this month's 10 on 10. i visited my family out of state this weekend for easter and knew i'd be on the road most of the day today (the 10th). not only did i not want hours of shots of me in the car, being home gave me a chance to play with my sister's dslr, so i started my 10 on 10 yesterday, a little early. i hope you don't mind. ;)

[1] morning coffee [2] the last trace of my niece's birthday party from over the weekend [3] relaxing [4] one of my dad's five catches of the day [5] sweet finds from an antique shop in jersey [6] easter flowers [7] one of several new beverages we tried over the weekend [8] just one shot of me in the car (:  [9] snack on the road [10] these were waiting for me when i got home (:

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  1. "10 on 10" first-timer here...

    Nice photos! The flower basket is just gorgeous! Love the big, sunny, sunflower.

  2. Vintage fabric, black and tan, chocolate and peanuts...looks like my favorite kind of day(s)!
    Great set, very pretty photos.


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