Tuesday, July 13


i was at a friend's over the weekend and noticed how a ceiling fan was creating a nice cool breeze in the living room, especially after the heat wave this past week. it was then that i remembered that i had a ceiling fan in my living room. i'd gone the entire hot week without turning it on, simply because i'd forgotten it was there.

now this can be blamed on the fact that i just celebrated another birthday. *ahem* i prefer to think it has more to do with the fact that i moved when the temperature outside barely hit 32 degrees and the least of my concerns at the time was ways my apartment was equipped to cool down!

in either case, i laughed at myself and my ignorance. the fan was literally the "white elephant" in my living room up until this point during this summer.

it's amazing how something can be right in front of our faces and we don't realize it. we don't consciously think about it. we don't remember. we aren't attentive to it. 

how much of each day do i walk through forgetful?

forgetful of the truths God has to say about me? (i am fearfully and wonderfully made...)

forgetful of the purpose He gives to my every day? (He will carry on to completion the work He has begun in me...)

forgetful of the blessings He promises to give me? (peace, rest, refuge, strength, renewal, hope, everlasting love...)

forgetful of how much He loves me? (He gave His one and only son...)

i must remember to be aware. i need to be attentive to Him. He's always there, right in front of me. He has beautiful things He wants to show me, caring words He wants to speak to me, love He wants to share with me.

i miss out on the relief from the heat of the day, on the cool, refreshing breezes, on the peace the repetitive rhythm of the whirring blades creates... simply because i'd forgotten it was there.


  1. nice post sarah. it actually reminded me of recently when we had company stay the night. i walked into the upstairs bathroom and they had turned a light on i didn't even know was there. crazy!

  2. I must remember to not be forgetful too, lol ;-).

    Nice post, as usual!


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