Monday, June 21

blog neglect and banana bread

ahhh, finally... summer is here! the days leading up to this one have been absolutely amazing, which meant lots of being outside! western new york is known for its glorious summers ALMOST as much as its treacherous winters. so when the sun does come back out and the temps heat up, it's time to get out and about and play! i have a feeling this summer is going to be a lot of playing and not so much thinking! which means lots of picture posts! um, as long as i sit myself down long enough inside to upload them (:

for now, i'll just share my first attempt at making bread. ever. i had some extra bananas i knew i wasn't going to eat before they'd go bad so i grabbed a recipe for banana walnut and got to work! i was too busy measuring and mixing and mashing to take any before pictures, but i think i'm alright with leaving you with just the after!
my apartment smelled so yummy as the bread was baking!
and the final test? it tasted delish!
and it's made me look forward to breakfast for the last few days!

ok, go enjoy your summer and get outside!

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