Wednesday, July 6

date night and what.i.wednesdays.

today i'm participating for the first time in what i wore wednesday, hosted by the pleated poppy! i'm also linking up with krystina for what i love wednesdayshow much more fun does this make the middle of the week?!

last wednesday, john and i got our shrimp, steak and bloomin' onion on at outback for a date night! i had some fun getting dressing up. (: i even decided to wear the feather headband i'm usually too shy to wear out.

dress: forever 21
jeans: target
wedges: old navy
necklace: target (?)
feather headband: forever 21

we ate some delicious food.

[where john's bloomin' onion burger was! (: ]

i love when we take the time to "get away", even for a dinner. our conversations are deeper and it's usually a good time to share what's on our hearts and minds, not just the usual how was your day or what are we doing this weekend that is so typical of our day-to-day. i love that it's time to just relax, enjoy one another, laugh, joke and smile a whole bunch.

we took a late night drive with our full bellies, then came back to my place for some snuggling and putting our feet up.

a lovely evening (:

pleated poppy



  1. sounds wonderful! Love the headband ;)

  2. cute outfit. looks like a fun time!

  3. That headband is AWESOME! Super super cute outfit- I love date night. It's absolutely essential to a happy relationship.

    Have a fantastic week! -Ally

    *I'm a new follower- love your blog!

  4. Super cute dress... and looks like a fantastic date night!

  5. Very cute outfit ~ love the feather headband. The hubs and I go to Outback for date night too ~ great food. Glad you enjoyed your night out.

  6. yay for wearing your super cute headband!


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